About Luda

In 1996, Luda and her family left Russia behind and settled in Brooklyn, NY. Luda worked long hours as a cook at a daycare, yet still found time to make dumplings for family, friends, and ever-growing numbers of fans. In 2000, Luda opened a first of its kind Eastern European quick serve restaurant named Pelmenaya on the corner of Ave U and E 9th St. Pelmenaya immediately became the talk of the town, and people of every ethnicity flocked to the restaurant to taste Luda’s famous dumplings.

With the popularity came hard work, and Luda required the help of her sons in rolling dough, peeling potatoes, waiting on tables, and running deliveries. A number of successful years later, Luda’s youngest son Eugene branched out into large scale food manufacturing, satisfying the demands of supermarkets and wholesalers from all over New York. However, Eugene soon realized that the values of food quality that his mom had so meticulously ingrained in him were lost on large scale product. His heart was simply not in it anymore. As a result, Eugene became disillusioned with the food business and left to pursue a career in construction. Little did he know that this path would lead him straight back to his roots. Eugene began work in construction with a friend named Lawrence, and quickly discovered that Lawrence held a passion toward cooking that rivaled his own. Lawrence’s relative innocence about the perils of food business inspired Eugene to look back upon humble beginnings. After months of half-serious discussion, Eugene and Lawrence decided to launch a restaurant that would honor Luda’s devotion to fresh, all-natural ingredients and careful, deliberate process. And so, Luda’s Dumplings was born.


About our

At Luda's, we are proud to serve the best dumplings. Our dumplings are made on site, from scratch, using only fresh, all-natural ingredients. Our meat and poultry come from grass-fed, cage-free, humanely raised animals. Our fruits and vegetables are locally sourced and organic whenever possible.

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